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Success through a Small Target Audience: Specialize your App!

Your app does not have to appeal to everybody. Just everybody from your target group. Define the target audience so precisely you won’t find it difficult to tailor a perfect app to their needs.

I am a big fan of tower defense games, a genre that is popular on mobile devices. Unfortunately, most games are too simple and you can beat them without trying any sophisticated strategies. Interestingly games in the top ranking usually stand out with polished graphics but disappoint me as soon as I finished the first level because you really just have to guess to win. GeoDefense (iPhone) from Critical Thought Games is a welcome exception. To make it through the levels, you’ll need such a sophisticated strategy that hundreds of attempts are nothing out of the ordinary. One man’s meat is another man’s poison: a beginner would probably get frustrated and give up immediately. But for someone like me it is perfect. You see, as a developer, you just can’t please everyone.

Quite the contrary: If you try to please everyone nobody is satisfied with your app in the end.

A small target group also has the advantage that your awareness is growing faster. Although only within the target group – the rest of the users should not be that important to you anyway.



Image: Mark Smiciklas, (CC BY-NC 2.0)


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