Tips from an insider: An interview with editor in chief of appgefahren, a German app review blog.

In the beginning of 2010 Fredrick Osterhoff set up and launched an app for this blog. In the meantime the young information science student made a business out of this hobby. He has about 30.000 regular readers. A team of independent bloggers helps the self-made app-entrepreneur to deliver them fresh content every day. The editor in chief gives us a peek behind the curtain and a few useful tips for getting your app reviewed. 

How many apps are presented to you for review within a month? And how many do you actually look into?

It varies from month to month of course. We get a lot of tips from our readers, but also the developers try to get our attention. On average we receive about 60 e-mails per day regarding the review of an app. We look at the apps and then we decide if we want to publish an article about it. I would say that about 20 percent of all apps that are sent in will get a review on our website or the app.

What kind of apps do you like to review most?

We love games. Of course our tastes differ and I can’t speak for everyone. Also a useful tool that makes our life easier will be reviewed. And of course any well done app will always be most likely to get a review.

Which information should I include in my email, if I want my app to pique your interest?

You should always include the direct link to the app store. It is way easier to just click on that instead of copying the app name, opening iTunes, pasting the app name again and starting a search. And we always look for a nice bullet point list of features or a link to a promo video. It’s far more interesting to get a few facts in a handy presentation than reading a long text.

Do you tell developers if there app will be reviewed or not?

We can’t answer to every email, that’s why we don’t tell people when there app isn’t of interest to us. But if we are interested we will ask for a promo code. If the app is free we probably won’t tell the developer about the review either, because we don’t have the time.
Another tip at that point: You don’t have to send us a promo code right away, since they are limited. But you should react really quickly, if we ask for one. Otherwise our interest might be gone, because the app is already „old news“.

Any other tips for developers seeking a review?

Before sending it out, let your friends test it. Your own opinion isn’t enough to tell if the quality is ok and what kind of potential the app has. Also try to see you app through the eyes of a normal user: Is it easy to use or are there still major bugs?

Of course it always makes a difference if you are an indie developer or a big company with a marketing department. One thing is sure though: If your app is great it will have very good chances to be featured on our website.

Thank you for the interview, mister Osterhoff.