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Emotional App-Marketing: The story behind your app.

Thomas Suarez on Apps at tedx. Photo by Daniel Sofer (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Probably you have already seen a video, that hasn’t only made a fuss in the app world but has gone viral the past couple of days: I am referring to the TEDx Talk the twelve-year-old developer Thomas Suarez gave not long ago. With his little company CarrotCorp he has a few programs in the iTunes App Store and inspires other kids at his school to learn how to create apps too.

As always when a young talent outdoes his peers it calls for two kinds of reaction: excessive admiration or totally out of place hate tirades. Of course it may be kind of intimidating for some adult developers when a twelve-year-old shows this kind of ambition and with his presentation makes even experienced speakers look bad in comparison. You start to imagine what this young mind might do just a few years from now. Ok, that is a little frightening or even offending for everyone who himself isn’t a teenager anymore.

But instead of suspecting overambitious parents or arrogance just out of your hurt pride you should try to learn something out of this video for your own app marketing: Don’t only advertise your app, also market yourself – and your history.

Suarez’ apps aren’t state of the art programming. They have the charm of playful experiments and still are very good; for a twelve-year-old that is. He even sells them for 99 Cents and gets good ratings, because he gets a youth bonus. People want to support him by buying his app. That should show you: The more personal you can tell the story of your app and the more positive emotions your users can link to it, the better.

So try and think about a story that you can tell about your app or how you made it: You created your selection of cooking tricks, because once you nearly died of food poisoning? For programming your game you had to take a two hour bus ride everyday; from your rumanian farmers’ village to the next internet café? Whatever you think is suitable to give your app a personal touch and the press a great headline or anecdote to tell – use it. But stay authentic.

There isn’t a good story for every app and in that case you have to focus on its qualities solely. But if there is, don’t be shy. If a twelve-year-old can do it, so can you.

Image: Daniel Sofer (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

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